One week until Rules of Engagement returns!

Friends, lovers and comedy fanatics! Only one week until the return of Rules of Engagement.

Rules of Engagement premiers Feb. 4

CBS has kept Rules of Engagement fans waiting so, so long for the return of their favorite comedy, but in less than a week we’ll finally be reunited with Jeff, Audrey, Russell and the gang in what is sure to be (as always) an hysterical episode.

Look at this clip!

In the return of Rules of Engagement for its seventh season, we find Audrey’s creepy friend Liz has moved in with Audrey and Jeff (Patrick Warburton). Why is she there? Did she bring her cat? Knowing Liz, the circumstances of her situation will be both circumspect and also ridiculous. How poor Jeff got roped into dealing with her will be fun to find out. This time, though, her visit works in Jeff’s favor — she continues to take his side in every spat he has with Audrey. How will that end?

Rules of Engagement premiers Feb. 4

Meanwhile, Adam and Timmy have paired up together for the company’s Ping-Pong tournament. One by one the nerd and the super hot idiot will take down their interoffice opponents. Will Timmy’s cutting wit get the best of Adam… or will Adam’s moments of oblivion become too much for Timmy to handle?

I, for one, am excited to find out the answer to all those questions. I’m also curious as to what Jen and Russell (David Spade) are up to these days. Most importantly, has Jeff and Audrey’s surrogate, Brenda (Sara Rue), had the baby yet? And, just how will Jeff handle fatherhood? Something tells us with just a little bit of cuteness and a whole bunch of baritoned sarcasm.

Are you stoked for the new season of Rules of Engagement? What are you most looking forward to happening on season 7? Also, am I the only girl who is completely in love with Patrick Warburton?

Season 7 premieres on Feb. 4 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS. Enjoy!

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