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Miley Cyrus’ Cosmo shoot: What’s on that finger?

Oh my gosh, Miley! Would you just spill the beans already?!

Is Miley Cyrus already married?

It took us all a while. We’ve glanced at Miley CyrusCosmopolitan cover and noticed her lack of shirt (and bra), scoffed at her ‘do and admired her devotion to putting Liam Hemsworth before all else.

But we were still missing one very important thing about Miley’s latest press stunt. And then it flashed before us… like the gleam of a huge diamond.

Head to the supermarket (or Google) and open that Cosmo magazine, find her interview and read. You’re looking for one word with five letters. Here’s a hint: It rhymes with grubby, stubby, bubby and nubby. Still not sure? Oh, fine. We’ll find it for you. It comes when she’s gushing about Liam’s dashing good looks.

“I’ll literally look at him and be like ‘You are hot, dear god!’ The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool,” she told Cosmo. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna faint — the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.’ So I took a photo and made it the background on my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, ‘Who’s that? He is so hot!’ That’s my hubby!”

See that very last word? Miley refers to her longtime fiancé as her “hubby”. So, was the actress-turned-pop star just jumping the gun or did we all miss out on a super secret wedding? When you factor in that band on Liam’s finger in all those pictures during Miley’s Christmas Twit pic blitz, it seems almost too obvious. Our bets are that the sneaky couple have already tied the knot. But will there be a more “public” wedding at some point? Cyrus loves a good publicity stunt after all. Maybe those talks about multiple weddings will be true.

Photo credit: and Cosmopolitan

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