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Warm Bodies movie review: Love in the time of zombies

Just in time for Valentine’s day comes a never before imagined version of Romeo and Juliet, where romance, horror and comedy all mash together to form an exciting new movie genre: the zom-com. If you like your leading man a little bit dead, than this movie is for you. Just be sure to wear protective headgear to keep your brain from becoming the soup du jour.

Warm Bodies

3.5 Stars: Perfect for heartless romantics

R (Nicholas Hoult) stumbles around an abandoned airport with rotting skin, bewitchingly blue-silver eyes, and a blood-stained mouth. A shell of the young man he once was, R doesn’t remember his old life now that a futuristic virus has divided humanity. Those with the virus are aimless, brain-eating zombies and those without the evil contagion are frightened hostages, hiding behind a walled city where it’s only a matter of time before they become zombie nosh.

But there’s something different about R, who doesn’t remember his full name, only his first initial. He takes the escalator less-traveled, and waxes poetic as he narrates his story. R is a bit of a philosopher, maybe even a dreamer and, while he does like to indulge in his share of gray matter, his soul-less being is stirred when he meets the lovely human, Julie (Teresa Palmer).

Warm Bodies

Julie and her crew of public protectors are raiding a forgotten pharmacy when R and his zombie-mates enter the building to feed. Quickly, Julie and her trigger-happy boyfriend, Perry (Dave Franco), are firing their guns at the dearly departed, but Perry makes a mistake, allowing R to feast on his frontal lobe.

That’s when R sees Julie. She’s tough, beautiful and oh, so vulnerable. R desperately wants to take care of her, even love her. He forces her back to the airplane he’s turned into a bachelor pad, replete with a hi-fi and plenty of funky vinyl tunes.

Though R can make words, sentences aren’t his specialty. His attempt at wooing the freaked-out Julie is hilarious and all-too relatable.

Warm Bodies

While there are many aspects of Warm Bodies that are predictable and sappy, the filmmakers successfully find the humanity and the humor in the zombie premise.

Bottom line: This movie is an amusing romp through the horror genre, flipping it on its head and giving all those other undead movie characters like Bella and Edward, a run for their cold, hard cash.

Run time is 97 minutes and there are no extra scenes after the credits.

Photo credit: Lionsgate Films

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