Beauty and the Beast recap: “Seeing Red

The beast’s ex returns and Vincent gets caught in more than just one lie.

Beauty and the Beast - Vincent and Alex

I’m losing all faith in Vincent.

In this episode, we see the return of his ex Alex, when she spots him coming down the stairs from a visit with Cat (Kristin Kreuk) at the hospital after that terrible accident. Alex is a nurse at the hospital and recognizes Vincent (Jay Ryan) instantly. Obviously. She’s his ex-fiancée and he hardly looks that different.

When he finally confronts her, he’s forced to tell her what’s going on. He doesn’t exactly tell her the whole truth, though. While he freely admits to all the craziness Muirfield has put him through with the crazy genetic engineering and the awful side effects, he refuses to give up Cat’s true meaning. Instead, he refers to her as his “handler.”

Beauty and the Beast - Vincent

To make matters worse, he also isn’t honest with Cat about Alex. Instead of coming out and admitting that Alex was his ex-fiancée, he tells Cat they’re just friends. When Cat ends up in Alex’s closet, the truth is revealed in a shoebox full of memories. More than anything, she’s hurt he lied to him… and rightfully so.

Vincent’s idea of an apology? He scolds Cat for trying to run away from their relationship at the slightest wrong turn. Seriously? That was hardly “slight.”

Aside from the lie, if I were Cat I’d also be pretty hurt that Vincent made such an effort to run away and hide from Alex so as not to hurt her… because he loved her that much (at least that’s how I’m reading it). And yet, he immediately came back to Cat when he tried that same technique with her. Clearly, he still likes Alex or he wouldn’t be so keen to not hurt her — emotionally or physically.

Other things that happened:

Evan has discovered that Vincent’s DNA is continuing to change… further from human and closer to beast.

Vincent killed off a stalker. At first, they presumed it was someone with Muirfield but it turned out to just be your average everyday stalker. So… why’d he kill him, instead of just shaking him up a little? Sounds like Evan’s DNA research is proving to be right.

J.T. received a visitor (Evan) who had all kinds of questions about his old research on mutant DNA. Eek. Hopefully, Evan is just looking out for Cat’s safety and not out to kill.

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