Connor Cruise’s 18th birthday sponsored by Grey Goose

Connor Cruise celebrates his 18th birthday at a party sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka in a swanky nightclub in London.


It’s nice to be young, rich and celebrating a birthday. That’s exactly what Tom Cruise‘s son, Connor, did on Wednesday night at a London nightclub at his 18th birthday party, which was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka.

In London, the legal drinking age is 18, so the young Cruise had the all-clear to celebrate with a few adult beverages. He even worked on his big day by DJ-ing a set of tunes as his 20-year-old sister, Bella, sat nearby.

The party was held at the upscale night club, Bujis Bazaar,in South Kensington and it appears that it was only the two siblings who were celebrating. They were not joined by any other friends or family members.

Connor kept it casual in black jeans and red plaid shirt while his older sister sported some tangerine-colored hair to accent her all-black outfit.

The DJ even joked about his age to his followers on Twitter by writing, “About to take a pregame nap cause I’m old before I head to @boujis for some fun…”

It’s tough being old at 18 years of age, but he clearly got through the night, with or without a nap. In fact, he took the time to support his dad when some of his followers said that the Mission Impossible star was old.

Connor tweeted, “This debate over age is hilarious. All I can say is you are as young and as old as you act. In regards to my pops all I can say is #Ironman”

Connor and Isabella remain very close to Tom, especially with their beliefs in Scientology. It is still unclear how often the kids see their mother, Nicole Kidman, who lives in Nashville, TN with her second husband, Keith Urban, and their two little girls.

Kidman touched briefly on her kids in a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter in early January. She said, “I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children who are Scientologists — Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

What do you think of an alcohol company sponsoring an 18-year-old’s birthday party?

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