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The Walking Dead sneak peek: Here comes the Governor

Papa’s got a brand new patch! And by “papa” we mean “the Governor,” and by “patch” we mean… an eye patch.

The Walking Dead returns

When we last left our pack of wild little survivors from The Walking Dead, Rick and the gang had set up camp inside a prison with actual inmates for neighbors. In the distance loomed the city of Woodbury, run by the Governor, a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde-type character who seemed nice enough to the city of survivors but was more evil and disturbed than one could realize when on the inside.

That’s why, in the final days of the first half of Season 3, we saw Michonne try to slay the Governor. Sadly, she completely missed her chance. Instead, she only managed to take out an eye. Hence the eye patch, à la the comic book version of his character. So now, eye patch in place, the Governor is back and he’s on his way to Rick’s camp at the prison.

Things are bound to go differently than they did in the comic book. In the book version, it’s the confrontation with the Governor at the prison that kills Lori and her unborn baby. As we now know, though, Lori is already dead. (Thankfully! Most. Annoying. Character. Ever.) So, what could possibly happen during the upcoming prison confrontation? Whatever happens, it’s sure to be gruesome. (Mmm, brains!)

It’s also safe to assume that not all of our favorite people will make it to Season 4. As the show’s Executive Producer Greg Nicotero recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’ve established a certain scenario on our show where nobody is safe — and certainly in the back-half of our season, it doesn’t get easy for anybody. We have the whole Woodbury community with the Governor and our principal cast. We’ll probably end our season minus a castmember or two.”

So, herein lies the question: Are there any characters you’re hoping get the old bite-then-shoot?

Image courtesy of AMC

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