Paula Deen tells People how her family lost 148 pounds

Jan 23, 2013 at 1:48 p.m. ET

Paula Deen goes from Butter Queen to slimmed-down health maven in a year's time. She told People about some of her struggle.

Paula Deen talks Weight Loss

That's no real housewife or pop star on the cover of People magazine this week: That's Paula Deen and her two sons!

What a difference a diagnosis can make.

"When I first found out I was diabetic, I had no solutions. I couldn't even help myself, much less somebody else," the 66-year-old chef recently told People.

Paula Deen loses some serious weight

She's speaking, of course, of last year's revelation that she had Type 2 Diabetes. However, one year later, Deen invited People magazine into her home to talk about the diagnosis and the 12 months of work she put into refining her life's menu of fatty Southern food.

Deen's diagnosis caused a number of transformations. First, she had to completely transform the way she cooked and ate. While no one had to forgo partaking of their beloved Southern food, Deen told People that she found the key was "moderation, moderation, moderation." After she cut back on her food intake, the weight practically fell off. Not just for Deen, but for her entire family. The Food Network star told People she lost 40 pounds, while her two grown sons together lost a total of 78 pounds. Even her hubby, Michael Groover, saw an incredible 60-pound weight loss.

Now that she's transformed her life and forever changed her family's, Paula told People she's setting out to do the same thing for the rest of America.

"I love feeding people but now I also want to help people eat right," she said.

Deen's new cookbook The New Testament will release in the fall and include all her favorite recipes and tips for eating a healthier version of all her favorite go-to Southern fare.

For more on Paula Deen's weight loss, check out People's online snippet from their interview, as well as this week's issue of People magazine.

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