Parenthood finale: Until the fall, dear family

Another season, another finale. Parenthood ends yet again. Did you like the ending?

Parenthood's Braverman leaders

Well, that was bittersweet. As much as I love the Bravermans, I don’t think I could have taken one more episode of drama this season. I’m far too emotionally invested. But, dang. This season finale was definitely a good one. Not everything was tied up perfectly, but it was tied up for another year. Here’s what happened…

Amber and Ryan

Swoon! I’ve never rooted so hard for any two people in my life. Ryan (Matt Lauria) stole our hearts the minute he walked on screen (… and not just because he was adorable on Friday Night Lights). Ryan and Amber (Mae Whitman) were both just a little lost and a little directionless. While they’re still their own person, I like that they find direction in each other. That final scene… that snippet of them through the shop window, it’s promising. And if anyone takes that away from me next season, I’ll plan a mutiny.

Kristina (and Adam and Max)

Krissie’s cancer-free! Even though Adam booked the trip to Hawaii for Kristina, I’m glad for him that they were able to go. Adam, despite his micromanaging and sometimes slightly judgmental tendencies toward Cros, is so caring and tried so hard to make his wife happy. He deserved the vacay as much as she did. That said, seeing her first cancer friend back for treatment is a reminder that, like the doctor said, they won’t say she’s “cured” until she’s cancer-free for five years.

Parenthood's Joel, Julia, Victor and Syd

Also, we’re really proud of Max for trusting Victor with a lizard. And, speaking of Victor….

Victor is a Braverman!

I guess, technically, Victor is a Graham, since that’s his new dad Joel’s last name, but there’s no point in being nit-picky about it. Everyone who marries a Braverman or is born to a Braverman becomes… a Braverman.

The adoption scene in the judge’s office definitely brought tears to my eyes. While it would have been cheesy under any other circumstances, I liked the matching suits and color coordination between the girls. Plus, the rest of the Braverman clan chipping in with love and support for Victor was absolutely adorable.

Mostly, though, I’m so, so glad Syd finally perked up to Victor at the very end. That scene, as well as the scene when Victor asks her to his adoption ceremony was a very brother/sister kind of moment.

Jasmine + Crosby + Jabbar + 1 = One happy family

Things were tense in Crosby’s house this week. Jasmine’s mother was still sulking because Crosby (Dax Shepard) told her to back off on the parenting advice. She was so mad, in fact, that she even moved out and took residence with Jasmine’s brother. Crosby scored some hard-to-get seats on a restaurant that Jasmine was dying to try, though, and that helped a tiny bit.

What helped ease everyone’s mind the most, however, was Jasmine’s news of a brand-new addition to their tiny, good-looking family. The baby news perked up their dinner, yes. But, when they showed up to tell Crosby’s mother-in-law the news, she was over the moon. She was so excited, she even hugged Crosby! That’s a good sign!

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…Parenthood's Sarah and Amber

Sarah (Lauren Graham) finally made her choice and it was Hank (Ray Romano). Even after Mr. Cyr showed up at her door to profess his undying love story for her, she still decided to make things work.

Things with Hank may not be easy (especially now that he’s decided to move away to stay closer to his daughter), but they’re right. It seemed like a really grown-up moment for Sarah to see her choose what she wanted over what would come easier.

In the end, Hank invited Sarah to Minnesota, and I truly think he meant it. He left her to think about it and headed off to be with Ruby.

Season 5 predictions (It’s never too early, right?)

Sarah will follow Hank to Minnesota. Why not? Drew is starting college and Amber has almost got her life together. They don’t need her like they did when they were younger. She should do something for herself. Whether Season 5 picks up with Sarah still in the cold weather with Hank or whether she’ll be back after some off-screen split, who knows. One way or another, Sarah spends time in Minnesota.

Amber and Ryan will tie the knot. No idea how this will go down. I think Amber is just as likely to drag Ryan to Vegas to get married by Elvis as she is to want some flowery, hippy garden party wedding a la Jasmine and Crosby. I definitely think (and hope) they’ll end up together forever.

Kristina will stay cancer-free. One season of hairless, puking drama was enough. Parenthood is a drama, not a soap opera. At least for the time being I think we’re safe from health scares.

Cros and Jas will have another seriously adorable baby and Mama will move back in to help ’em out. or… If Sarah goes to Minnesota, maybe they’ll move into the apartment on Zeek and Cam’s property. (Though that could also be a really cute first place for Amber and Ryan…)

I know Victor finally called Julia “Mom” and I’d like to hope it’s smooth sailing from now on, but I have my doubts. Victor’s older and Syd is just a brat. There’s bound to be more trouble ahead. Nothin’ Joel and Julia can’t handle, though.

Artists I’d like to see record at The Luncheonette: Milo Greene, Seryn, or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. They’d all be a great bunch of folks to see bouncing around the studio.

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