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Wake up, Sasha: Inauguration moments that didn’t make us yawn

Despite little Sasha Obama being on the brink of sleep during her daddy’s big speech, President Obama’s 2013 inauguration was full of moments that were anything but dull. Our eyes were wide open during the following four!

Sasha Obama Yawning During the 2013 InaugurationTake a No-Doz, kiddo

Let’s set the scene: President Obama is at the podium, delivering his crowd-stirring inauguration speech. Michelle looks on with equal parts pride and patriotism in her eyes. Now, pan to the presidential pair’s 11-year-old daughter, Sasha, and… cue gigantic yawn! Sasha’s expression of exhaustion (or, dare we say, boredom?) is fast on its way to becoming the most viral meme of the inauguration. The pretty preteen may have a hard time living down the yawn heard round the world, but we say own it, girl! The ones around you may not admit it, but some adults (and by some, I mean me) thought the most amusing part of hearing about education policy was witnessing your yawn.

Lupe Fiasco at the 2011 BET AwardsMaybe he’s been hanging with Joaquin Phoenix

Thirty-year-old rapper Lupe Fiasco took to the stage at the StartUp RockOn concert as headliner, so the audience was most likely expecting just to jam out to a set of the Chicago native’s hit songs like “Superstar” and “Around My Way.” Instead, Fiasco blurted out that he didn’t vote for Obama, and then proceeded to spend half an hour singing an anti-war song in a manner some have described as nonsensical. Oh no he di’int! After awhile, two security guards — who, mind you, looked more like investment bankers who shop at the Big & Tall store — shuffled on to the stage to escort him off. Tip for the people booking the inaugural ceremonies talent: Maybe don’t hire someone who has openly criticized the current prez, going so far as to call Obama a baby-killer.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama 2013 Inaugural BallMove over POTUS, we’re watching your wifey

Her hubby may have been the man of the hour, but we haven’t been able to take our eyes off of Michelle Obama since coverage of the inauguration started airing. First, she sent quakes through the fashion world when she donned a bright red dress by New York designer Jason Wu — the same designer she wore at Obama’s first inauguration. Hey, the woman knows what she likes! Then, at Monday’s post-inaugural luncheon, she was caught on camera supposedly rolling her eyes at Ohio Republican House Speaker John Boehner. We’re not convinced the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ocular diss was meant for the congressman for sure, but the “historical moment in shade throwing” — as Tumblr blogger “Mattyrab” has famously dubbed it — sure is fun to watch.

Beyonce Singing at the 2013 InaugurationOh, say can you… sing?

It’s really no surprise that when Beyonce performed the “Star Spangled Banner” at Monday’s inaugural ceremonies, she blew the song out of the water. What came as a bit of a shock, though, was learning Queen B may have pulled a Milli Vanilli on millions of unsuspecting ears. The singer accidentally outed herself via Instagram by posting a pic in a recording studio — duh — holding a copy of the song’s sheet music. A U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman confirmed today that Beyonce made the switch from live last minute. Why? Well, word has it she was worried the frigid 40 degree weather might take an adverse toll on her act.

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