Lady Gaga emerges from lady bits, grinds herself

Lady Gaga’s got a brand-new bag of tricks. This one probably should come with a warning label.

Lady Gaga emerges from inflatable vaginaLady Gaga fans were given quite the treat during the opening night of her Born This Way tour in Los Angeles. Concertgoers were given the chance to witness Gaga’s birth… sort of.

Lady Gaga’s idea of making an entrance has always proven to be quite entertaining. Our favorite has always been the time she showed up in an egg. Bursting through an inflatable vagina might top that, though, especially when said lady bits were pierced and also connected to fishnet stocking-clad inflatable thighs.

Some things cannot be unseen and this inflatable vagina birth is certainly one of them.

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That wasn’t the only strange act of the night. During another scene, Gaga appeared in a replication of her infamous meat dress and tossed herself in a blender. That’s a completely normal thing to do, right? She was also seen groping one of her backup dancers’ rumps.

Then, of course, there was last week’s accidental wardrobe malfunction when Gaga’s latex pants from Versace split to show a whole lot of Lady Gaga’s backside.

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It’s rumored that the singer will be in the Washington, D.C., area for a post-inaugural party with White House staffers on Tuesday night. Do you think the Secret Service will let Lady G bring her inflatable anatomy class with her? What about her portable suicide prevention team that reportedly tours along with the band? And, is it possible Lady Gaga felt the need for the suicide deterrence team in to help fans recover from Lady Gaga’s on-stage birthing scene.

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