Jessica Chastain holds the #1 and #2 spot at the box office!

This week, actress Jessica Chastain battles herself for alpha movie star at the box office. Is it just good luck, or does this feisty redhead have some magical Hollywood juju pushing her films ahead of the rest?

Jessica Chastain in Mama

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Given that Jessica wears a punky black wig in this freaky mama-drama, her gorgous ginger locks have nothing to do with the film’s success. The truth is, Americans love a good fright-night, and spent a whopping $28.1 million dollars over the weekend to get their scare on.

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Jessica commands attention as Maya, the unrelenting CIA analyst who will stop at nothing to bring down Osama bin Laden. Jessica portrays one of the strongest female characters on film from 2012 and brought in $17.6 million over the weekend. With such a meaty role, not even the Navy SEALs can shoot down Jessica Chastain’s odds of winning the Oscar.

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Silver Linings Playbook

Lovely and spunky Jennifer Lawrence’s parody of The Hunger Games on Saturday Night Live helped create some additional buzz for this bi-polar love story. The quirky drama generated an additional $11.3 million, to make a total of $55.3 million since its release.

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Gangster Squad

This action movie intimidated the other January newcomers by stealing an impressive $9.1 million dollars from the box office in its second weekend. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and is based on the true story of East Coast gangster Mickey Cohen, who came to Los Angeles in the 1940’s. Cohen became the head of the drug trade until a secret crew of LAPD tough-guys took him down gangsta-style.

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Broken City

Opening to a solid $9 million dollars at the box office, Broken City is another film about political corruption and shady cops. Mark Wahlberg stars as a sketchy private investigator who’s hired to follow the mayor’s wife and take photos to prove she’s having an affair. Wahlberg gets more than he bargained for when he uncovers a huge real estate scandal that puts him in the line of fire.

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A Haunted House

Marlon Wayons stars in this screwball comedy that pokes fun at Paranormal Activity and other “found footage” low-budget horror flicks. $8.3 million dollars isn’t too frightening, considering the competition.

Want an 8” Django action figure? Since the toymaker decided to discontinue the controversial collectors items, a new Django plastic playmate will cost you about $600 on ebay and a three-doll set that also includes Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Candie” and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Stephen” will run you about $1500. Earning $8.2 million over the weekend, Django Unchained has grossed over $138 million dollars so far, putting it $8 million dollars ahead of Les Miserables and so far, beating Les Mis‘s action figure sales by a landslide. To be fair, there just aren’t that many girls who want to play with a diseased, toothless, hairless Anne Hathaway Barbie.

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Les Miserables

Despite Russell Crowe’s crude crooning, audiences are still heading to the theaters to cry over Anne Hathaway’s grave head-shave and dismal dental distress. This musical about the wretched poor in post-revolutionary France earned a bounty of $7.8 million dollars. If only the poor French peasants of the 1800’s knew Hollywood would make a killing off their death and disease. C’est la vie.

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The Hobbit: An
Unexpected Journey

Also parodied on SNL Saturday night, this first of three films based on the Tolkien book is no joke. The fantasy flick earned $6.4 million this weekend alone, with a total of nearly $300 million gross. Many people think three movies about this tiny novel is too many, making the SNL sketch hilarious as they mocked Peter Jackson for making “19 movies” with titles like, “The Hobbit 4: Apple Maps – an Unexpected Detour.” 

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The Last Stand

The “Governator’s” expendable action movie debuted at a wimpy $6.3 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Sheriff Ray Owens, a disgraced big-city cop who moves to the small border town of Sommerton Junction, only to find himself going head-to-head with a local drug lord. We think it’s safe to say it’s hard to take Arnold seriously after the divorce and love-child scandal.

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