Liz Hurley to Caty Price: “I think you should f*** off!

Liz Hurley viral spat: Hurley swears at Australian reporter Caty Price, after nearly tripping on Price’s microphone cord at the airport

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne

Note to self: don’t talk to Elizabeth Hurley at an airport. Elizabeth (Liz) Hurley was spotted at the Perth airport on Thursday morning, along with her fiancé, professional cricket player Shane Warne. Warne and Hurley were headed for Melbourne, Australia, after Warne’s team suffered a tough loss the previous night. Television journalist Caty Price caught the couple — seemingly right after they checked-in — and tried to ask them about the game ask they walked through the airport.

Warne refused to talk and simply ignored Price. Things got nasty when the reporter almost tripped Hurley while trying to ask her about game, instead.

According to Price, “[Warne] was prett tight-lipped coming in, and did not say much, and then Liz clipped the back of my heels and said, ‘Don’t you know it is rude to stand in front of people,’ which is fair. Price continued, “Then I asked her what she thought of the game last night, she spun around on her heels and mouthed close up to my face, ‘I think you should f*** off.” Price ended her take on the Liz Hurley spat with, “Then she did another spin, flick of the hair and strutted off with Shane.”

We actually have video footage of the Hurley-Price interaction below and it seems Price might be exaggerating a little bit. From our perspective, Hurley almost trips on the microphone cord as Price crosses in front of Warne after he ignores her. Hurley, clearly irritated, snaps at Price after what appears to be the botched crossing attempt. Then, well, Hurley does strut away with a satisfied smirk on her face — all while looking fabulously jet-setter chic. She cleary says to Price to “f*** off” when asked about the cricket match.

See the video below to watch the Liz Hurley spat between Hurley and Caty Price.

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