Zac Efron begs pap not to sell sex shop shot

Zac Efron, careful with his image, asks a photographer to dump a shot of the star surrounded by a rainbow of glowing dildos.

Zac Efron on a movie set

I was in the sex shop for a movie! Seriously! That’s what Zac Efron’s reps told the tabloids that printed pics of the High School Musical heartthrob in Manhattan’s Fantasy World sex shop.

True, Efron has been filming Are We Officially Dating in and around New York City in January, and he wasn’t hanging around Fantasy World alone in a raincoat — the movie crew joined him at the shop, where Efron perused the script.

That was when a photographer grabbed a shot of him, glaring right through the window with a forest of tumescent dildos, lit like a Renaissance painting, right behind him.

According to the New York Daily News, an eyewitness spotted Efron arguing with said photographer.

“Zac was begging the guy to delete the pictures,” the eyewitness told the Daily News. “He kept telling him he has so many young fans and he didn’t want them to see it.”

Say, really? Is that so? Does Zac Efron really have a lot of young fans? Let’s think about this. High School Musical came out in 2006. The third-graders who went crazy over Efron’s blue eyes then are all in ninth grade now.

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Since everyone knows that kids retain the same tastes from age 9 to age 15, um, sure, we can all buy Efron has “lots” of young fans, right?

Obviously, Efron wasn’t successful in suppressing the shot. On the other hand, he did get his aging mug out there, which hasn’t been happening a lot of late.

Efron’s face is filling out a little, he dumped the emo hair, got a bit of a beard. What do you think, gossip fans? Aging better than the Olsen twins, isn’t he?

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