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Justin Timberlake’s first single in 6 years: “Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back with “Suit & Tie.” The world approves.

Justin Timberlake's new single

When word came around that Justin Timberlake might drop a new single after midnight on Sunday night, I may have yelped.

It doesn’t matter how country or gangster or hipster you are: Everyone has a soft spot for Timberlake in his or her music collection. I mean, who didn’t love FutureSex/LoveSounds? It won’t be long before we’re calling it a pop classic.

Now, he’s done it again. Justin really did drop a brand-new single just after midnight last night, and guys, it’s really good!

Most important: He teamed up with Jay-Z to make it happen. And you know if Jay-Z touches it, it’ll turn to gold (that’s an actual fact).

While I’m not exactly sure who shows up to a club in a suit and tie (except maybe Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother), it’s still easy to appreciate the song. From the beat and the brass to JT’s always nice moaning, “Suit & Tie” is a really great pop song.

Just listen…

Obviously, the best part of this song is Hova’s line, “Time for tuxedos for no reason.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I completely approve of that concept. JT and Jay-Z are always welcome to visit me decked out in tuxedos.

Here’s the thing: We all know the words to “Señorita”, but JT does his best work when he’s collaborating with someone else. Sure “SexyBack” is awesome with just Timberlake, but when you add in Timbaland, it’s way better. Need further proof? Check out his collab with Timbaland on “Carry Out.”

Kind of genius, right? (Or at least mildly entertaining.)

So, are you stoked for the new album yet? We haven’t found an exact release date, but Justin did tell fans (via a letter on his website) that the album will be called The 20/20 Experience. Until it comes out, enjoy the single!

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