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Revenge recap: Million-dollar nightcap

The faux-mance continues as Emily gets closer to Daniel, Victoria toys with a powerful man and a new relationship may be just another setup.

Emily and Daniel reunite

There’s a lot of acting going on in the Hamptons. Emily (Emily VanCamp) has to pretend to be interested in her ex, Aiden (Barry Sloane) has to act like he doesn’t want to murder Daniel (Joshua Bowman) after that kiss last week and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) as to pretend to… well, not be the devil. But, the best actor in a supporting role definitely goes to Padma for having a few well-kept secrets of her own.

A dramatic performance

Aiden and Emily’s little plot to get more info on Helen Crowley and the Initiative got quite theatrical this week. At Emily’s charity wine auction, someone mysteriously kidnapped Aiden and Helen, tied them to chairs in a basement and threatened them for information. Aiden breaks free, then fights and kills the kidnapper. The two escape by the skin of their teeth.

Turns out, the kidnapper was Emily with fake blood bags rigged to her chest. This staged scene is supposed to scare Helen into being the newest puppet in their performance. But Ms. Crowley doesn’t exactly seem like someone you wanna mess with.

Surprise twist

Turns out Helen has little puppets of her own all over town. One of extreme importance is Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) new love, Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria). That guy just cannot catch a break. Padma is spying on NoCorp and passing on valuable information to both Helen and Daniel. And then, of course, she blames the leaked information on Nolan’s new ally, Marco, and manages to weasel her way into a new job at the company. So many roles to play. How do these people keep their storylines straight?

Love isn’t cheap

This week Victoria did what she does best: manipulated a man to get what she wants. She invited one of Conrad’s oldest frenemies to the wine auction because she knew he’d try to outbid everyone else to impress her. However, she also knew there’s no limit to how far Daniel’s willing to go to impress Emily. Proving their admiration with dollar bills turned into a heated competition as the two men went head to head for a rare bottle of wine. Daniel won the auction with the hefty price tag of a million dollars.

This works in Victoria’s favor because it makes Daniel look like the man in a roomful of Grayson Global investors. It’s all part of Victoria’s long-term plan to regain control of the GG empire.

Later, Daniel tries to woo Emily with a million-dollar nightcap. The scene goes wrong when the wine is bad and Aiden unexpectedly shows up. For some reason he’s having a tough time watching the woman he loves get close to another man. Crazy, right? This may be an act he won’t be able to keep up.

Photos courtesy of ABC

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