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Editor’s video pick: Zedd feat. Foxes “Clarity

The chemistry of these two artists combined with the vivid video makes for a very intense and consuming few minutes of your life.

Zedd pairs up with Foxes in this tantalizing single.I think I just struck musical gold

I want to stop watching, I really do, but I can’t. My poor computer may overheat. But this music video for “Clarity” by Zedd feat. Foxes is insanely good.

MTV, in a quote on Buzzworthy:
“Zedd, international DJ, producer, musician, destroyer and maker of beats, and one of our 2013 Artists to Watch.”

Louisa Allen is the unfairly innocent and pure voice that haunts your eardrums in the entrancing track. She’s partly responsible for the emotional response you’ll experience listening to the dramatically meaningful lyrics while watching the vivid explosion of longing and desire in this electronic music video. And if you can’t afford a scenic escape for a vacation, this video also features elaborate locations and accompanying trippy effects.

While everyone seems to be indulging in the electronic dance music (EDM) craze, this is one song that capitalizes on the frenzy, and a matchup that makes me grateful for the discovery of the genre and for the geniuses who were able to visually capture the intensity of the song.

All too often I’ve heard from critics that EDM can be hard to relate to, but when the producers and directors are able to make it digestible, more people can truly enjoy it. Credit to Jodeb who also directed videos for Cypress Hill, Porter Robinson and Deftones, according to AntiMusic.

An intoxicating track and video — how can they top this? I hope Foxes and Zedd collaborate again, but MTV also says Zedd has managed to befriend Lady Gaga, and has already been “featured on the special edition of [her] Born This Way album.” Color me impressed!

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