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5 Apps that help you live like a celebrity

Living like a celebrity is all about living the charmed life, which is easy when you have the right amenities at your disposal. But living a luxurious lifestyle as an average person is much easier when technology comes to life. These amazing apps help you manage your time, photos, lifestyle and more.

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Starbucks Finder

starbucks app

When was the last time you saw a candid photo of a celebrity when they didn’t have Starbucks’ classic paper cup in their hand? The answer to that is never. Get your coffee on with this easy app that allows you to locate the nearest java fix and pay with your phone. You might be paying with the app, but you can easily convince yourself you got it for free with celebrity privilege if you’re good at fooling yourself.


fashion app

This simply-named app packs a punch. Keep up on trends from the experts, get that celebrity style and stay informed by your favorite fashion bloggers with this RSS feed. View images and text in a chic, simple format that helps you focus more on fashion and less on the gaudy layouts bloggers are inexplicably fond of.


photofunia app

Turn your simple cell phone photo into a high-fashion work of art. This photo editing app allows users to generate new looks using filters and effects that add ambiance to otherwise mundane photos. It’s just like being on the cover of your very own magazine, provided you don’t use the hilarious “FatMaker,” which adds a few pounds to an otherwise slim face.


runtastic app

Trying to get fit? Super celebrity fit? This pedometer monitors all foot-based indoor and outdoor activity, such as running, walking, hiking and more. Challenge yourself to go the extra distance with the miles counter, or take a bite out of your daily calorie count with the calorie monitor. This pedometer factors in speed, incline and more.


soundmassage app

You might not be able to afford daily massages, but you can get the experience of relaxing spa music on your phone. soundMassage plays sound effects like tweeting birds, splashing oceans, crackling fireplaces and more to help you get your best rest or simply calm you down after a less-than-glamorous day.

Quick tip

Can’t pick a favorite or keep changing your mind? No problem! It’s easy to rearrange your tiles on the start screen of your Windows Phone so that what’s top of mind is right at your fingertips too!

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