Nicole Eggert learns style’s no reward for getting skinny

Nicole Eggert is What Not to Wear‘s latest happy victim. After using single motherhood as an excuse to opt for shapeless clothes, the former Baywatch beauty was forced to face the infamous 360-degree mirror.

Nicole Eggert

Nicole Eggert’s visit to What Not What to Wear turned out to be both a makeover of her appearance and a learning experience. After facing her reflection, the former Baywatch star listened hard to what style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly had to offer!

After being “kidnapped” from a red-carpet event,  Eggert confessed that as a single mom of two her everyday appearance is not a priority. “I just worry about everything else but the way I look,” the almost 41-year-old — seen here with daughter Keegan — shared this past August.

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Eggert said one of her fears about buying clothes “in the larger size” she currently needs is that she’d be committing to staying that size and lose her motivation to drop a few pounds.

Stacy Clinton, the style guru who can sometimes be a bit blunt, kindly explained that good-looking, properly-fitting clothes shouldn’t be a reward for losing weight — they’re a necessity for any size. “Style is the tool to help you feel as good as you can, any day, all the time,” she advised.

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One person who highly approves of Eggert’s makeover? Her other daughter, 14-year-old Dilyn, born during her previous marriage to actor Justin Herwick. “My mom looked fantastic,” the young girl said. “This is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time.”

While Eggert has recently been the victim of cruel tabloid headlines that called her “fat,” among other names, many are applauding her bravery for publicly facing her body — and sharing her insecurities — on What Not to Wear.

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