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Now you can email Mark Zuckerberg… for $100

Would you spend $100 to send a Facebook message to Mark Zuckerberg? They’re hoping you will.

Mark Zuckerberg will let you send him a message for $100

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook — in its infinite wisdom — deciding to give users the opportunity to message anyone on the site, even if the sender is not friends with the receiver.

The catch? The sender has to pay $1 per message.

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Naturally, crafty Facebook users wanted to know whether or not they could contact Facebook’s hoodie-wearing creator, Mark Zuckerberg, for a buck. The answer: Nope, but you can for $100!

The tech blog Mashable first discovered this high-dollar price tag when testing out the service earlier this week.

“We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam,” a Facebook rep told the website.

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Makes sense, actually.

We have to wonder how many people will actually pay the $100 to get a message to Zuckerberg. There’s no guarantee that he’d actually read the message, either — that delete button comes in mighty handy.

The whole thing got us thinking: What would we ask Zuckerberg if we had the chance? Probably give him some fashion advice.

Then again, he’s probably a lost cause. The 29-year-old recently told NBC’s Today that he wears the same thing every day.

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“I mean, it’s literally, if you could see my closet at home…” Zuckerberg said of his boring wardrobe. “My wife has a bunch of stuff. Although she has her drawer — primarily scrubs for the hospital — I get one drawer. And my drawer is about 20 of these gray t-shirts.”

And he only gets one dresser drawer, “like men everywhere.”

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Would you spend $100 to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg?

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