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Crafty mysteries: A January round-up

January is National Hobby Month, and what better way to get interested in a new pastime than by reading an entertaining, cozy mystery. Who knew that scrapbooking, knitting and other crafts could be so dangerous?

Paper, Scissors, Death

Paper, Scissors, Death
By Joanna Campbell-Slan

In Paper, Scissors, Death, the first entry in Joanna Campbell-Slan’s Scrap-N-Craft series, we’re introduced to scrapbooking crime-solver, Kiki Lowenstein. Kiki’s marriage was not exactly wonderful, but that doesn’t mean she killed her husband, George. When she’s saddled with both his debts and the threat of incarceration for his murder, she musters her inner resources, getting a job at her favorite scrapbooking store and beginning her own investigation of the crime. This popular cozy series features well-developed characters, a touch of humor and bit of romance. Both novice and expert scrapbookers will love the tips and techniques scattered throughout the books. Sharpen your scissors and get ready to cut through the clues to find the killer.

Lye in WaitLye in Wait
By Cricket McRae

When a Walter is found dead in Sophie Mae Reynolds’s workshop, it’s ruled a suicide by drinking lye. Sophie, artisan soap and cosmetic maker, can’t believe that Walter would do himself in, especially because he just won the lottery and had plans to marry. Despite Detective Ambrose’s best efforts to stop her investigation, Sophie is determined to track down the bad guy or gal. Lye in Wait is the first installment in the Home Crafting Series by Cricket McRae. You’ll love Sophie’s headstrong ways and amateur mistakes. In addition, crafty readers can try their hand at making soap and face cream by following the recipes included in the book. Will Sophie be able to clean up this crime?

While My Pretty One Knits

While My Pretty One Knits
By Anne Candeo

Maggie Messina is living her dream: She owns a knitting shop, teaches classes and spends quality time knitting with her friends. But on the day of a special store event, Maggie finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of a rival yarn shop owner. With the help of her dog and her knitting circle, Maggie sets out to clear her good name. As much a story of the friendships formed by knitting together as a murder mystery, While My Pretty One Knits, the first in Anne Canadeo’s Black Sheep Knitting series, is sure to warm the hearts of cozy lovers. Get out your needles and try one of the knitting projects included in the book while you read this charming yarn.

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