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Lawsuit: Did Bieber beat up his former bodyguard?

What? Sure he dresses like he’s gangster, but who knew Biebs was so scrappy?

The Buzz – Justin Bieber Punches Body Guard
Justin Bieber is being sued for punching his body guard during a temper tantrum.

Everyone is talking about it: Justin Bieber is being sued after allegedly verbally and physically abusing his bodyguard, Moshe Benabou.

According to reports, Biebs and Benabou had a disagreement over how to “handle” another member of Bieber’s entourage. Things got out of hand when Bieber became so infuriated, he began a verbal rampage on Benabou while repeatedly punching him in the chest.

Benabou is suing Bieber for an unspecified amount in damages, plus more than $400,000 dollars in unpaid overtime.

Benabou worked for Bieber for more than a year, between March 2011 and October 2012. Before being hired onto Bieber’s team, he claimed to have worked for Justin Timberlake. However, TMZ did a little research and found that to be untrue.

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We certainly can’t condone this behavior. Stars need to be held accountable for how they treat other people, even paparazzi and especially bodyguards, who are paid to keep them safe. No disagreement should ever lead to violence, even if that violence would not likely result in any serious injury.

But, just so we’re clear: Bieber is a tiny guy. According to fan sites, he’s only 5’7″. I suck at the weight guessing game, but he looks like a twig. Meanwhile, Benabou is a veteran of the Israeli military. He’s a pretty massive guy. How much damage could Biebs possibly have done?

And if the answer is a lot, we’re kind of concerned for Bieber. Biebs has millions of desperate, hormonal girls who want in his drop-crotch pants. If he can take out his bodyguard, so could a pair of 15-year-old fans.

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Of course, TMZ points out that Benbou was the member of Bieber’s team responsible for a scuffle with a paparazzi back last February. He held his own against that circling photog. So, how could he possibly have been injured by little ol’ Bieber?

We smell something shady…

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