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Grab your tissues: The best proposals on YouTube

We girls love a good proposal, don’t we? After scouring YouTube’s endless archives, we found a few of the best proposals ever caught on video.

Here’s a look at some awesome proposals and some of the key factors that make them so great. When you’re ready for your love to get down on one knee, feel free to share this with him so he knows what he’s up against.

5) An adorably awkward British guy and a cute kid

There’s no point in lying: The best part of this is definitely his accent and the slight sense that he’s not entirely sure he’s nailing it. (He is, though.) But we also like that he incorporated his love’s family members. We also appreciate his choice in decor (dot rugs and a Victrola? Heck yeah!) and the addition of not just a kid, but also a baby. Do they belong to him? We may never know…

4) A lobster, slight embarrassment and the place it all began

This one is really long. So long, in fact, that even the fiancée-to-be gets a little impatient. But this guy put a lot of heart, thought and money (renting costumes is never cheap) into this proposal. The lobster seems so, so weird. But it makes sense as you read on. Additional props: That friend who sat her butt on the ice for ages deserves an award.

3) Great friends, a box of Pop-Tarts/Girl Scout cookies and amazing video editing

Of all the proposals we show here, this one seems the most hi-tech. I mean, just check out the graphics in the video. It’s also great because of how boyish it is. Sure, she likes previews, but she probably also likes rom-coms and instead, he’s made an action flick. The best part, however, is when he stops to buy Girl Scout cookies. It’s brilliant in and of itself but — if you look closely — it actually looks like a box of Poptarts. Love this.

2) Long-distance love and a fake boy band

She had to have seen this coming from the minute the video started. No one goes to that much effort just to say, “I think you’re cool.” It’s still a great proposal, though. You’ll see lots of dance and karaoke performances as marriage proposals. This one, though, was completely unique because he actually wrote the song himself. The couple also has a really cute love story. (Also, “Abacus” should be used in lyrics more often.)

1) Their favorite thing to do together and a robot

This is, by far, the best thing ever, and so many people deserve props for making it happen. Not only was it sweet and creative on the part of the boyfriend, but it was also incredibly kind for the Borderland creators to do for their fans. This proposal set the bar incredibly high for the boyfriends of geeky girls everywhere.

Well played, boys of the Internet. Well played, indeed.

Close Enough

Think you know of a better proposal? Tell us below! We love a good story.

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