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Fret not, single ladies! Dating advice from fictional femmes

Sometimes you just need to sit down and channel your inner television character to find the right dating advice.

Penny, boyfriend, Carrie and Brody

We thought long and hard on this and we’re 90% certain that this is what our favorite fictional females would say to you if you asked them for dating advice.

Penny from Happy Endings

Look: Dating is rough. I should know. There’s absolutely no surefire way to land a guy or keep him. All you can do is make sure that you always look a-MA-zing every single time you go out. Also, don’t be afraid to tell a little white lie or two to help nab that guy of your dreams. Sure, right now you may not actually like camping. But cuddling in a sleeping bag and staring up at the stars just might change your mind.

Edith from Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey's Edith and Anthony

Customarily, no — a woman should never chase after men. However, sometimes men need a little nudging… no matter how old they are. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in their way so they notice you. Near their house at tea time? Visit with some news from town (preferably real new and not the made-up variety). See his buggy or car stopped in front of the apothecary? Hop in and make sure your man is feeling well. Most importantly, though: Don’t let him or anyone else tell you he’s not right for you. It’s one thing if he just doesn’t love you, but no other excuse should do. Bonne Chance, friends!

Carrie from Homeland

Find someone who doesn’t judge you and never let them go. So what if they’re a little unstable — how sane are you? And don’t ever be afraid to go with the flow. Sure, it’s not exactly classy to have sex in the backseat of a car. But, we all have needs, right? Go with your heart, follow the whimsy. Just like jazz, life and love are unpredictable. That’s a good thing. Really. Whatever you do, though: Don’t forget to take your medicine.

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Carrie from The Carrie Diaries

Carrie Bradshaw

Dating is overwhelming and boys are so unreliable. It’s my opinion that the only truly reliable thing you can count on is fashion. Sure, fashions change all the time. But, if you look carefully you can see the next trend coming from a mile away. I also strongly believe that you should put yourself first. I’m sure as I continue to grow up, I’ll probably really suck at taking my own advice. But right now, I believe you shouldn’t let any boy come between you and your goals (or your gals). Let them fall in line after that. They’ll respect your independence.

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