Design your own collection: Clothing, perfume and makeup

Why wait for your favorite looks to come into fashion? Take control and join the do-it-yourself fashion revolution.

Woman making dress

Create a clothing line

Eadon Sisters Big Rich Atlanta

Just like the Eadon sisters, the fashionable belles of Big Rich Atlanta who are working with their mom to start their own clothing line, you can start an in-house operation to channel your creativity into a stylish and wearable work of art. If you’re interested but not quite sure where to start, put together a style diary with images of some of your favorite looks, colors, textiles and inspirations.

Test ideas and sketches without spending a fortune at the fabric store. Instead, take a trip to your local thrift stores, and try upcycling old clothes into new couture. Start with a few simple pieces to create one look and go from there. Above all, don’t be afraid to fail. When it comes to creative design, playing it safe is not likely to make an impact.

perfume bottleDevelop a custom fragrance

There is nothing more fashionable than feeling amazing even when you have nothing on. Create a boutique fragrance that reflects the epitome of your personal style. To get started, find a local perfumery that offers custom scents and that can help you find the perfect aroma notes to build a fragrance that is all you. Even if you don’t use them all, keep a journal of fragrances you like and dislike as well as what perfumes and oils work well together. In the future, you can work through fragrance shops online to design new fragrances for yourself, your family and your friends.

makeupMake your own makeup

Complete a look that’s all you with a makeup palette that you’ve put together completely on your own. Start the process by finding a do-it-yourself cosmetic supply store online. Essential Wholesale and Labs and DIY Cosmetics are good resources to get you started. Look for ready-to-use ingredients that meet your personal standards. There are many naturally derived, organic and hypo-allergenic options. Also, don’t forget to pick up the equipment that you’ll need to press, label and package your new line. For your first attempt at making makeup, you may want to purchase a kit or even take a class locally to help get the feel for it.

The sky’s the limit

Why stop at clothing, makeup and perfume when there are so many fashionable avenues to express your creativity? Try your hand at making unique accessories, custom shoes or even royal-inspired fascinators. If you can dream it, you can make it — fabulous.

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