Spend your Valentine’s Day with a Ryan

Just because you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to hole up in your room binge-eating a box of chocolates. With so many sexy celebrity Ryans to choose from, the holiday would be better spent letting these matching-monikered men of the movies cheer you up.

Ryan Reynolds at The Change-Up PremiereRYAN REYNOLDS

So he went and married Blake Lively. No worries… it wasn’t marrying we wanted to do with him. Blake, sweetie, we’ve got a proposition for you: You can have his hand in marriage, if you leave the rest to us. Or if not to us, at least to our imagination. If spending V-Day with this Ryan is your idea of a hot date, you’ve got plenty of eye candy film fare to cozy up to. Here are our picks:

If you’re feeling sentimental: Definitely, Maybe. How cute was he as a 38-year-old dad who, with help from his daughter, rediscovers his feelings for a long-lost love?

If you need a good laugh: The Proposal. In this funny romcom, highlights include Reynolds (1) chopping wood all manly-like and (2) subsequently stripping down for a shower. Need we say more?

If V-Day has you seeing red: Blade: Trinity. As a member of a group of hardcore vampire hunters, Reynolds doesn’t win any hearts here — rather, he drives stakes through them. Oddly, his bloodlust just makes us lust after him more.

Ryan Gosling at the Critics' Choice AwardsRYAN GOSLING

Oh, Ryan Gosling… how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love the way you are stupid hot but actually have a reputation for being brainy. We love the way you totally make us believe you are every bit as charming in real life as you are on the silver screen. And, yes, we totally love your smokin’ bod. If the idea of spending the day with Gosling melts your heart, warm up to these flicks: 

If you are a hopeless romantic: The Notebook. A man who remains by his ailing wife’s side without faltering, reading their love story to her every day? Yes, please!

If gratuitous glimpses of a half-naked Gosling are more your speed: Crazy, Stupid, Love. Emma Stone hits the nail on the head when her character observes that Ryan’s chiseled physique looks airbrushed. Swooooon.

If you recently broke up with someone: Murder By Numbers. Chances are you aren’t in the mood for any smarmy emotional storylines. Opt instead for Gosling as a manipulative mastermind of homicide.

Ryan Phillippe at the Vanity Fair Oscar PartyRYAN PHILLIPPE

Ryan Phillippe’s stock took a dip when he stepped out on then-wife Reese Witherspoon, but we’re inclined to forgive him since she’s since found love, marriage and now a baby with agent Jim Toth. Now we can once again openly fawn over Phillippe without feeling guilty, and he’s given us plenty of movie fare to admire him in. Check out:

If you can’t help but fall for the bad boy: The Lincoln Lawyer. Not only does Phillippe make chillingly creepy look hot here, but he also stars alongside Matthew McCona-hottie. Score!

If you love a man in uniform: Flags of Our Fathers. Embrace your patriotic side with this film, whose poignant story and slew of heroic sailors and soldiers make it a must-see.

If you want classic Phillippe: Cruel Intentions. There’s a reason this movie made Phillippe a star: He’s brilliant as a narcissistic rich kid who finds, albeit too late, that the love of a good woman is worth fighting for.

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Ryan Guzman at the MTV Movie Awards

Ryan Guzman
Ryan Cabrera at the Radio Music Awards

Ryan Cabrera
Ryan Hurst at the Ladykillers Premiere

Ryan Hurst
Ryan Carnes at The Godfather: The Game Release Party

Ryan Carnes

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