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EXCLUSIVE: Christina Hendricks pregnant in Struck by Lightning clip

Chris Colfer wrote and stars in his new coming-of-age flick, Struck by Lightning. But the real excitement lies in the role he’s cast Christina Hendricks. From the looks of the exclusive clip below, Hendricks is nailing her knocked-up role.

Christina Hendricks is shedding her Mad Men business attire and settling down as a pharmaceutical technician in the upcoming film, Struck by Lightning. Though she’s toned down a bit from her sultry and sensuous role as Joan Holloway, she’s making up for it with natural girl-next-door charm and a subtle air of innocence, as seen in the clip above.

Here we see Hendricks encounter a brief and unsuspected run-in with the ex of her current fiancé and the exchange is hilariously awkward. And oh — by the way — she’s pregnant.

Struck by Lightning is a brat pack-esque high school film about a young man who recounts the ways he blackmailed his fellow students into contributing to his literary magazine.

Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer, best known from Glee) is the epitome of an over-acheiver. He’s had his sights set on Northwestern from the time he could think and he’s been head of every academic endeavor he could muster up to make that dream become a reality. In many ways, the story parallels much of Colfer’s personal life —  which makes perfect sense — considering he wrote it.

But when Phillips’ counselor encourages him to create a literary magazine of his own in order to stand out to prospective colleges, things get interesting. For starters, he begins to mischeviously coerce people into contributing content. From promiscuous locker room hookups and all the drama that high school brings, Phillips blackmails his fellow students, forcing them to give in and write for his paper to keep their secrets safe.

You could say his over-zealous approach was fostered from a less-than-stellar home life. His mom has been hiding ADD meds in his food all his life and the fact Mad Men babe Christina Hendricks is his new stepmom-with-a-baby-on-board is really messing with his head.

Phillips just wants to believe in something and in himself. He wants to be something bigger than a student and finally break through his puzzling home life and high school walls. Luckily he’s got comedic hit, Rebel Wilson, by his side throughout the journey.

Be sure to watch the clip and check out Struck by Lightning, in theaters Jan. 11 or check it out on VOD, available nationwide right now!

Photo Credit: Tribeca FIlms/Suzanne Houchin

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