James Franco gets naughty in red light Justin Bieber parody

Watch the hilarious parody video: James Franco lip syncs to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” with girlfriend Ashley Benson

James Franco on Conan

Did you ever wish you could see James Franco sing Justin Bieber‘s hit “Boyfriend” to Ashley Benson? Yes? Well you’re in luck, because Franco posted a video — which we have below — of him decked-out in full Bieber gear mocking Justin.

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In the hilarious video Franco wears a baggy sweatshirt and trademark Bieber flat-rimmed hat, while rumored-girlfriend Ashley Benson sits and looks pretty; sometimes she slinks around on the bed. The video was shot in what looks to be a house (as opposed to a hotel room). A weird red flashlight shines on Franco as he lip-syncs to Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Benson crawls all over Franco in a sexual manner, while he serenades the camera with his love-struck message. The video is fantastic.

The video gets more explicit as the song winds down: Watch out for the 2:15 mark, where it seems like James, Ashley and another girl roll around on a bed and later, two girls appear to engage in some bedside activity. (Note: Franco, Benson and unidentified girl number three remain fully-clothed the entire time).

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James Franco posted the “Boyfriend” video to his WhoSay account on Monday but has since deleted it. It’s not clear when Franco removed the video. No matter — it will forever live online via YouTube.

You can watch the full video of James Franco lip-syncing to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” below. We just can’t stop watching.

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