An interview with New Girl star Max Greenfield

Jan 8, 2013 at 2:15 p.m. ET

The New Girl star dishes about everything from dressing spiffy to Schmidt and Cece's romance to a little something he and Channing Tatum have in common.

Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield is a triple threat. He's charming, funny and has a killer smile. But apparently there's more to Max than his boyish good looks. His role as Schmidt on Fox's New Girl has earned him several nominations, most recently a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. It's like he's trying to make it impossible for us not to love him.

We were pretty stoked at SheKnows to get the chance to chat with one of our favorite television stars! Here's what Max had to say about the Globes, New Girl, being Schmidt and his new movie.

SK: What were you doing when you heard you were nominated for a Golden Globe?

MG: It was five in the morning and I was very much asleep.

SK: Do you have any plans for the Golden Globes?

MG: Well, I like to dress up. I like to put on a spiffy outfit. So that I’m excited about. I’m excited about when the show starts to end, and you can kind of loosen up your bow tie and unbutton like the first two, and let the bow tie hang loose. That’s always a cool look. Like you’re on the cover of the movie Diner. That’s exciting.

It’s going to be a great night. You get to celebrate the fact that you have a job and that you’re working; that it’s going well and that people are responding to you. I plan on dancing quite a bit.

SK: Where did you learn your sexy lap dance moves you displayed on New Girl?

MG:  I was actually — I don’t want to say a stripper because that’s not the right word, but — an exotic dancer for quite some time. That’s not only Channing Tatum’s story, but it’s mine as well. It’s a shame that he was so much more famous than I was at the time the story came out. And now it’s like, I don’t want to feel like I’m copying him so... you’re the first to hear that, so if you want to break that story, that’s on you.

SK: Schmidt is a little bit of a d-bag. What is your definition of douche-baggery?

MG: Oh, geez. Anytime you can look at someone and go, "We get it." That's, I think, the definition of a douche. Or when I just do dumb things that my wife will be like, "What's wrong with you?"

SK: How do you relate to Schmidt?

MG: I think there are and there have been many moments in my life where I’ve tried just a bit too hard, and I think Schmidt is kind of settling into himself. And I think anybody can kind of relate to that. And he’s having difficulty kind of being comfortable in his own skin and as a result, puts a little too much effort into everything.

SK: Recently Schmidt and Cece seemed to have smoothed things over. Is there a chance they'll get back together?

MG: I think there’s always a chance. And personally, yes, I’d like to see them back together. You try to play the character and make it as personal as possible and at this point, Schmidt is working so hard to get back with her that I think I personally kind of want to just win already.

SK: You're such a charmer on the show! What's a typical date night for you and your wife?

MG: Well, lately it’s been — if we’re lucky — we get the baby down at about 8:30-8:45 and then we get into the Screeners, into the Academy Screeners, and we watch all the movies. And that’s heaven. Especially if you’ve got a good movie. Man.

SK: Tell us a little about your new film, They Came Together.

MG: Oh my God. I’m very excited about this. It stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd who were about the biggest dream I could ever ask for to go work with. I would find myself in scenes with them and I would be like, just watching. They just were two of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with. I played Paul’s brother, and it’s just one of the funniest movies. I had such a good time on it. It was a real blast.

Make sure to catch Max at the Golden Globes Jan. 13 on NBC, on New Girl Tuesdays on Fox and in his new movie They Came Together out this summer. Geez. This guy is everywhere!

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