Ryan Gosling’s hot date at the Gangster Squad premiere

We were really hoping that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have called it quits. We’re still not sure it’s true, though. Even his date mentioned her.

Ryan Gosling and mother, Donna

Who was Ryan Gosling‘s date for the Gangster Squad red carpet and premiere? None other than the owner of the most worshipped womb in the world — his mother, Donna. She looked stunning, too, so we know where he gets it from.

What we don’t know is the exact standing of his relationship with Eva Mendes. Here’s the thing: We want Gosling to be happy — just not with anyone other than us. So, when Ryan stepped out earlier this week without Mendes on his arm, girls everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. Only… that might not mean anything at all. (After all, do you go everywhere with your boyfriend?)

Despite her lack of presence on the red carpet alongside Gosling, he still made her presence widely known. So did Ry’s mom.

“I’m wearing Eva Mendes tonight,” Mama Gosling said, according to the New York Daily News. “I raided her closet.”

Ryan had her back and delivered an awful blow all at the same time when he confirmed his mother’s story. “My mother’s wearing all my girlfriend’s clothes,” he said.

Hey Ryan, that was kind of cruel. Love, Girl.

Emma Stone at the Gangster Squad premiere

Gosling wasn’t the only celeb to step out with an unusual date for the Gangster Squad premiere either.

The recently arrested Josh Brolin left his wife, Diane Lane, at home and opted to bring along his buddy Sean Penn instead. We regret that poor Mrs. Brolin was sick, but it was still nice to see this bromance in full force. The two co-starred in Milk.

Meanwhile, co-star Emma Stone‘s date was also unusual because he was, well, not there. Stone is currently dating her The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield.

The two are nearly inseparable (and absolutely adorable). Hopefully, his absence is work-related and not a tell into the state of their relationship. Seriously.

So, there you have it: Emma Stone is still gorgeous, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn make a fine couple, and Ryan Gosling is still calling Eva Mendes his girlfriend. Sorry, girl.

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