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The Octomom is back on welfare

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman made a decent income in 2012, but she’s back on welfare to start 2013.

The Buzz – Octomom Out of Rehab But Back on Welfare.
Octomom continues to struggle with money.

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman managed to get off welfare last year after starring in her own solo porn video. Now? She’s back on the government dole.

According to TMZ, the mom of 14 will receive $1,800 a month for food and another $1,000 in emergency cash.

So, what happened to all that stripping and porn cash? Suleman used it during her stint in rehab for her “anxiety and stress.”

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“She spent most of her savings while she was in Chapman Treatment center, paying for around-the-clock nannies, drivers, security and her treatment program,” her rep told ABC News in an email. “She does not expect to be on longer than three months.”

We’ll see about that.

Still, we can’t imagine $2,800 goes very far in California when you have 14 mouths to feed. Suleman also follows a very healthy diet — and fresh, healthy foods typically cost a lot more than pre-packaged garbage.

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“I just eat healthily. I’m a pescatarian and eat 15 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. I eat so much!” she said last year. “The kids have structure and discipline and only eat healthily, they don’t know what candy is!”

Let’s hope she gets some real cash coming in soon — for the children’s sake. Maybe more porn? She’s always got something in the works to raise some dough.

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Tell us: Do you think the Octomom will get off welfare again, or is she on it for good?

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