Courteney Cox and David Arquette are still BFFs

Do you still talk to your ex? Courteney Cox talks to hers.

Courteney Cox

During a recent interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Courteney Cox told Ellen that she and ex-hubby David Arquette are still good friends.

“He’s my best friend in the world,” she said during the interview, which airs today ( Jan. 7).

Cox and Arquette married in 1999 and although it seemed like an odd pairing at first, the two quickly solidified themselves as a Hollywood couple everyone thought would last.

Five years later, in 2004, Cox and Arquette welcomed their daughter, Coco. In 2010, however, their marriage seemed to reach a rocky patch when they announced they were separating.

It took awhile, but two years later, in June 2012, the couple finally filed for divorce. They continue to be amicable to give Coco a “normal” life.

“It’s hard,” said Cox, the star of Cougar Town. “I don’t recommend divorce in general, but you know, he is my best friend and we’ve both grown and changed, and I think we both appreciate each other more. I hope he does. I do.”

That’s pretty touching, considering how most Hollywood marriages end.

When the couple divorced, Cox moved farther out of town and let David and Coco stay where they were. She told Ellen that she recently bought a condo back in the city so she could be closer to her daughter and ex-husband. The worst part of moving? Re-potty training her old dogs, Harley and Hopper, who don’t have the patience to go all the way downstairs.

Here’s a part of Cox’s interview that expands on her relationship with her ex, potty training, and all the things the 48-year-old does to stay looking young.

There’s plenty more great stuff in the interview, so make sure to check it out. The Ellen Degeneres Show airs at 4/3c on NBC, but check listings in your area.

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