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Preview: The return of Bunheads, baby!

When last we visited Bunheads’ Paradise, California, things were… kind of a hot mess. Check out this recap and then watch a sneak peek of Monday’s new episode.

Bunheads' Michelle and Fanny

A bit of a recap: Michelle (Sutton Foster) used to be a ballerina but, somehow, she ended up in Vegas as a show girl. When a kind man named Hubbell comes to visit her — yet again — she knows she needs to break it off. He cares more for her than she does for him. The next time they go out, though, he proposes. With just enough drinks and just enough sweetness from Hubbell, Michelle gives in. The next day she’s in Paradise, California.

Paradise is a pretty interesting town. It’s a lot like Gilmore Girls‘ small, quirky town Stars’ Hollow — which makes sense, since the shows share a creator. Paradise is Hubbell’s home… where he lives with his mother, Fanny (Kelly Bishop, Gilmore Girls), who immediately hates Michelle. That hate is compounded when, after Hubbell is in a fatal car accident, the family lawyer tells the two women that the deceased left everything to Michelle.

“Everything,” by the way, includes Fanny’s dance studio that sits on Hubbell’s property. It’s home to one of the very few extra-curricular activities afforded in Paradise. It takes a little convincing and a lot of compromise by both Michelle and Fanny but they soon end up working together.

ABC Family released this recap to help viewers catch up on what they missed during summer’s first 10 episodes:

That’s where we left the girls of Bunheads: the parents vowing to never let Michelle anywhere near their daughters, again, and the ballerinas standing faithful to their new, beloved teacher. Bunheads returns on Monday, though, and things look rather precarious. Check out this clip featuring Paradise’s unfortunately strange Truly (Stacey Oristano, Friday Night Lights) and Fanny.

What happened to Michelle and will she return? Of course! It’s only a matter of time.

Watch Bunheads on ABC Family Monday at 9/8c.

Image courtesy of ABC Family

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