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Chloe Sevigny’s tryst with 3 men

The outspoken star of Big Love talks about her job this year with American Horror Story and why she wasn’t crazy about her role but loved the preparations.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny loved being with three men at once.

Three makeup men, that is. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that the best part of coming to work at Ryan Murphy‘s scary hit series American Horror Story was the makeup room.

“It took four hours of makeup to get into character,” Sevigny writes in Entertainment Weekly‘s year-end issue, summing up her 2012, “but there were three very kind, handsome makeup-artist men applying it. So there was a fantasy element of having three men touch you at the same time.”

Sevigny’s affection for the makeup masters was returned, apparently.

“They said I was one of the best actors they ever worked with. I was the most calm,” she writes. “And I was like ‘Well, who wouldn’t be? This is fabulous!'”

Sevigny wasn’t quite as pleased with her character on American Horror Story: Asylum, a woman who suffers a traumatic double amputation after she rejects a mad doctor.

“Okay, I have six episodes, and three out of the six I was gurgling,” she writes. “I wanted more to do. I didn’t just wanna be the gurgling monster. Like, I would have rather been Anne Frank or something meatier than just ‘Gurgle, gurgle.'”

By now, AHS show runner Ryan Murphy has probably read of Sevigny’s dissatisfaction and gotten annoyed by it. Or maybe he expects it — Sevigny has a reputation for being outspoken (or honest, depending on how you think of it), a rarity in Hollywood where groomed-for-the-press platitudes reign supreme.

Sevigny told The Onion’s AV Club in 2010 that Big Love‘s fourth season was “awful” and like a “telenovela.”

Murphy himself is a bit of a firebrand — he had to apologize in 2011 after he dissed several bands, most notably Kings of Leon, for not allowing their music to get the Glee treatment on that other series he runs. Specifically, Murphy called the band “self-centered a**holes.”

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