Francis Ford Coppola is no Jennifer Lawrence fan

Dec 31, 2012 at 11:56 a.m. ET

The Hunger Games star relates her embarrassing fangirl behavior, spurred by her love of the great director's movies. Lawrence's love for Coppola? Not returned.

Jennifer Lawrence at Silver Linings Playbook opening

Jennifer Lawrence admits it: She was an oaf.

The Silver Linings Playbook star, so graceful and athletic in The Hunger Games, admitted to some clumsy hijinks when she happened to spot a favorite director in a restaurant.

Lawrence was in a Parisian restaurant during Paris Couture week when she spotted the famous director of The Godfather across the room.

Just before what she calls her "most humbling" moment of 2012, Lawrence had walked a red carpet, she told Entertainment Weekly. By the time she made it out to the restaurant, she was ready to nosh and relax, and had kicked off her high heels, unzipped her dress, and rubbed off her makeup.

"Basically, I had picked up a garbage can and gone Rawwwwwr! and dumped it all over my head," she said.

But forgetting momentarily about her appearance, and given Dutch courage by a glass of wine, she decided to go over and say hi to Coppola, dining with the producers of The Artist.

"So I waddled over there, dress unzipped, makeup everywhere, and I reach over the table and I'm like 'Hi, I'm a huge fan of your work, I f---ing love you.'"

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Lawrence then started to list her favorite Coppola movies. May we assume that (unsuccessful recent Coppola flicks) Youth Without Youth and Twixt were not on the list?

Coppola was not receptive to the love, Lawrence said. Nor, apparently, a Hunger Games fan.

"He had no idea who I was and looked really annoyed with me for interrupting dinner," she said. "So I quickly drew back my arm, spilled his wine, and went Soooooorry! And tried to clean up with my dress all open. Then I ran away and he probably thought I was Snooki from Jersey Shore."

Coppola, who told Entertainment Weekly that he's currently casting a top-secret big-budget studio picture, apparently didn't realize Lawrence was one of the brightest stars of 2012, an actress few directors would mind absorbing wine for. Maybe he'll forgive her when he comes across her headshot.

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