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Best books of love letters

It’s National Letter Writing Week! In honor of the celebration of the written word, we’re highlighting the best books of love letters. (When was the last time you wrote or received a note of love?)

Love Letters of Great Men by John C. Kirkland

Love Letters of Great Men
by John C. Kirkland

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, you might remember that Carrie was reading a book like this one. Love Letters of Great Men contains actual love letters of famous men in history. From Lord Byron to Voltaire to Henry VIII to George Washington, you’ll be fascinated by this compilation of loving notes from men you wouldn’t have expected to be so, well, romantic! Also included in this book are biographies of the men and details about the relationships they were in. You’ll read about Edgar Allan Poe, Woodrow Wilson… even Leo Tolstoy. Be prepared not only to love this collection of letters but to nudge your significant other to write you one. (Or maybe you’ll even be inspired to pen one of your own!)

So Bright and Delicate by John Keats

So Bright and Delicate: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

by John Keats
(with Jane Campion) 

Many believe that some of the most powerful love letters ever written were those of John Keats to his love Fanny Brawne. This book contains 37 letters (and 13 poems). Theirs was a passionate love story that, unfortunately, came to an end after only two years when Keats died of tuburculosis (he was only 25). Sadly but romantically, the last thing he ever wrote was a poem titled “Fanny.”

Lunch Box Letters by Carol Sperandeo and Bill Zimmerman

Lunch Box Letters: Writing Notes of Love and Encouragement to
Your Children

by Carol Sperandeo
and Bill Zimmerman

I personally love the concept of this book, because love letters aren’t just written between lovers. They can be written from a parent to a child or, in the case of this book, from two parents to their children. And what better place to put a love letter to your child than in the lunch box? The authors of this book met with so much encouragement from their own children that they decided to write a book for other parents. It includes sample letters and even perforated paper that you can rip out and use to write your notes on. It’s just too easy!

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