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Mother-daughter beauty treatments


To celebrate the January 23 premiere of Big Rich Atlanta on Style Network, we are taking a closer look at lavish beauty treatments that are perfect for a mother-daughter outing.

Mother and daughter at spa

Luxury facials

Prior to the Golden Globes, Mila Kunis spent over $7,000 on a diamond and ruby facial to buff her skin into a pristine shine. Of course, other celebrities famously use products like snake and bee venom that don’t normally come to mind when one thinks of facials. While these luxury facials are certainly an option if you are interested in rubbing precious gems or snake juice all over your body (and who wouldn’t be?), there are ways to enjoy a relaxing and luxurious facial without breaking the bank. Local spas usually offer a variety of options from a quick upkeep facial to a lengthy procedure complete with consultation, cleansing, steaming and massage.

essential oilBathing supplements

No matter how close you are to your mom, a bathing date is probably not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t separately enjoy a bath-inspired spa treatment or gift set. In the tradition of celebrities Teri Hatcher and Serena Williams, treat your mom to a private spa bath infused with aromatherapy oils and minerals. If a bath overflowing with milk and freshly picked flowers is above your pay grade, you can always opt for a bath-inspired gift set.

CaviarCaviar treatments

Caviar is en vogue right now as a component of both facial creams and hair masks. Angelina Jolie uses caviar skin cream, and Catherine Zeta-Jones regularly applies a caviar hair treatment to her scalp to keep her locks luscious. Caviar is reportedly full of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins that infuse skin and hair with hydration. You can ask for these treatments at your local spa, or you can check out Ulta or another supplier for their own versions of the treatments for at-home use.

Detoxifying wraps

Detoxifying wraps

Many spas offer wrap services that utilize minerals, herbs and clay in conjunction with heat wraps to encourage detoxification of the body. While the term “detoxification” is often a little vague, the wraps undoubtedly ease muscle tension and pain and have been proven to contour several inches off of the body following a single session. Moreover, these wraps are often targeted to achieve specific goals like cellulite reduction. So if you inherited both nubby eyelashes and cellulite from your dear old mom, a wrap date might be a fun experiment.

Eyelash extensions

A beautiful and long set of eyelashes has a way of opening up a woman’s eyes and brightening her whole face. It’s no wonder, then, that a new line of products exist to manufacture the look. If you inherited nubby eyelashes from your mother, a date to a lash-extension spa may be a perfect treat for the two of you. Although the procedure often costs more than $200, the tiny extensions last for several weeks and can transform a woman’s entire face, perhaps just in time for a ladies’ country club brunch à la Big Rich Atlanta. If you are interested in a more permanent option, check out prescription Latisse which actually helps women grow longer and fuller lashes.

Eyelash extensions

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