Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife: Katt Williams got arrested

Dec 29, 2012 at 5:34 p.m. ET

Guns and weed are not great for kids: Katt Williams was arrested Friday night on suspicion of child endangerment after Los Angeles police searched his home.

Katt Williams

So Katt Williams may be losing his mind. Williams, a 43-year-old stand-up comedian who is infamous for raunchy material, was arrested Friday night after law enforcement in Los Angeles, California, searched his home and found it really unsafe for his children.

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Technically, Katt Williams was arrested for child endangerment. According to Shouse Law Group, child endangerment refers to criminal acts that place children in dangerous situations without making an effort to protect them. The crime can occur even when children are not injured. Williams was arrested after police found several guns and illegal drugs throughout the house.

TMZ reports that Williams is still in jail with a $100,000 bail and his kids are in protective custody. Katt Williams' latest legal trouble means he faces the real possibility of felony charges. He is set to go before a judge next week.

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Katt Williams' arrest is just the last stop on a downward spiral of odd behavior, which has sparked concern the comedian and actor may not be mentally well. In December, Katt threw his microphone at least once at a fan he believed was badgering him, and he was handcuffed outside a Subway store after an incident with LA police involving illegally parking next to a fire hydrant. Williams was also just hit with a $4 million lawsuit from the IRS for back taxes. Merry Christmas!

We can also go way back to 2006, when Katt Williams was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon — which later turned out to be a stolen firearm — in his luggage at LAX. Most recently, Williams was arrested in early December 2012 after leading LA police on a car chase after failing to stop at the scene of an accident. A warrant was issued for his arrest — which brings us full circle: The warrant is likely why, on Friday night, law enforcement showed up at Katt's door in Woodland Hills, California, and presumably found probable cause to believe his four kids were in imminent danger.

Here's wishing Katt Williams a very happy New Year, and we propose he make a resolution to stop getting arrested.

Photo courtesy of Sam Wilson/WENN.com