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Jessica Alba says Mindy Kaling’s Xmas card is the cutest


In the “celebrities are just like us” file: Mindy Kaling has Jessica Alba on her Christmas card list, and sends a card that Alba labels as “best ever.”

Jessica Alba likes Mindy Kaling's card

Mindy Kaling is funny, and Jessica Alba has the proof: A Christmas greeting card from the 33-year-old comedian and star of Fox’s The Mindy Project that is “the best ever,” Alba tweeted this week.

Far be it from Kaling to just pick up a little something from The Hallmark Store. Instead, she created her own Christmas greeting, with a photograph of her sitting on a couch playing Connect Four with Santa Claus, as well as a “Meet-Cute Kit,” for the holiday lovelorn.

Said “Meet-Cute Kit” contains supplies suitable for fomenting a Christmastime romance: Marbles, false eyelashes, a treasure map, mistletoe, and an X-ACTO knife.

Wait, an X-ACTO knife? Um, is that in case your new love has some photos he wants to frame? Because an X-ACTO seems a more likely inclusion in your Christmas “Murder Efficiently” kit.

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However, Kaling happily accepted Alba’s compliment, as well as the photo of the 31-year-old actress and mother of two posing in her kitchen with the card.

“I’m so happy you like it! P.S. tell Cash I love you from me,” Kaling wrote, referring to Alba’s husband of four years, Cash Warren.

Kaling sure sounds filled with Christmas cheer, which is somewhat surprising, considering her high-profile Mindy Project is floundering in the ratings. Insiders speculate the show may not hang on long after 2013 is rung in. Meanwhile, the show that made Kaling famous, The Office, is also on its last season, giving Kaling no easy escape route should her show sink.

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