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Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace is enjoying her new life


When Tom Gabel made the announcement he was transsexual and decided to live his life as a woman, it shocked many people, including his fans. But seven months later, it looks like she doesn’t regret a thing.

Tom Gabel

It was back in May when Against Me! lead singer Tom Gabel announced he would be, from here on out, known as Laura Jane Grace. The singer has made the transition and seems happier than she has ever been.

“Since coming out back in May, she’s hit the road with Against Me! and begun work on the band’s next album, reportedly called Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” according to MTV. “She’s also continued to undergo hormone therapy and settled in to her new life with her family in St. Augustine, Florida.”

Grace and her wife, Heather, have stayed together as a couple, and they recently opened up their closet to MTV News and House of Style.

“I’m probably one of the luckiest transsexuals in the world; I have the same-sized shoe as my wife, so I can steal any of her shoes,” she said.

Grace also said she has been transitioning to the lifestyle, including using an epilator for hair removal, and she can’t believe what women go through.

“It pulls the hair out,” she told MTV. “I’ve been tattooed all over my body, nothing is more painful than this.”

James Montgomery with MTV said through the entire interview, it almost seemed surprising how normal Grace’s life is. In an interview in 2006, she seemed to foreshadow the struggle she would soon go through, telling MTV that “There is no pleasing everybody.” But it looks like the Against Me! frontwoman is happy with her new life.

“My life improves every single day,” she told MTV. “I try to make a step every single day, no matter how big or how small. It feels like I’m in control of my life, and I’m in control of my person, and that’s empowering. Saying to someone ‘I’m a transsexual,’ is the most empowering thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life.”

Photo of Against Me! in 2007, courtesy

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