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Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio is all smiles in The Great Gatsby

A new trailer’s been released for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. It showcases Leonardo DiCaprio as the eccentric title character. Paired with modern music (similar to Moulin Rouge), Gatsby looks like a vibrant, 3D epic.

Carey Mulligan

Les Miserables may rule the winter, but The Great Gatsby will dominate the summer. Director Baz Luhrmann reunites with Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo + Juliet) for his latest literary tale.

Based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby is a glamorous period piece. Through the eyes of Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), we’re exposed to the indulgence and dangers of the 1920s. We’re introduced to Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio), a charming, rich and influential man, who’s more than meets the eye.

Jay has many secrets — one being his undying love for the married Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), who’s also Nick’s cousin. Daisy’s husband Tom (Joel Edgerton) is described as a “philandering, blue-blood.” He’s the only thing standing in the way of Jay’s happiness.

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After watching the drama unfold, Nick, the would-be writer, pens a story. Much like Fitzgerald himself, he writes a tale of “impossible love, incorruptible dreams and high-octane tragedy.”

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With the exception of a choice few, Luhrmann utilizes mostly Australian talent. The cast is filled with actors from his native land. Edgerton, Isla Fisher, and Jason Clarke all hail from down under.

The Great Gatsby opens in theaters May 10, 2013.

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