Music review: Dido feat. Kendrick Lamar “Let Us Move On

Where there is a rapper, there should be Dido. She’s the perfect harmonious complement to spoken verse.

Dido releases a new album in 2013.Guess who’s back

Dido’s throaty Sarah McLaughlin-esque voice pours over the words like warm honey, familiar and lonely, haunting and sweet. I’ve missed her voice, but wasn’t aware I had.

Who is Kendrick Lamar?

He’s a fiery hip hop star from California. He’s been hitting radio waves and making quite the impact — you’re no one if you don’t know who this guy is, folks.

He’s recently done a collaboration with a pop star we’re all familiar with: Lady Gaga.

High hopes for the new year

This collaboration is as delicious as it is addicting, and reminds me of how wonderful Dido’s voice works alongside hip hop artists. How can you top her and Eminem‘s “Stan?”

MTV‘s Buzzworthy claims her album Girl Who Got Away will be out in March of 2013. This single has me yearning for more.

For every voice that is lifted
In reverence and pain
Show us now
And let love not be chained
We should feel what we can stand
And let us be alive
So we know
That we’ve done all we can”

With such powerful lyrics, it has to be an album that will give this talented artist a long-overdue musical breakthrough.

Photo courtesy of Vince Maher/WENN

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