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The Voice‘s spectacular season finale and new winner

The Voice names its new winner and ends the season with a bang!

The Buzz – Cassadee Pope Announced Winner of the Voice; New Judges Prepare for Season 4
Cassadee Pope wins on the voice and the new hosts prepare for next season.

Another season of The Voice has wrapped. The winner is no doubt snug in bed, the confetti has long since been swept from the floor, and sometime this week, the stage will already be filled with new contestants. But before we jump to all that, let’s talk about the finale.

Tuesday night might have been the most jam-packed and star-studded finale The Voice has had so far. We saw guest appearances from all sorts of big names, including Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and Rihanna. And, of course, a winner was named.

Like with all reality shows, everyone has his or her favorite and then a second favorite. Cassadee Pope, the sweet rocker girl with the big voice, is a winner with whom very few people had any qualms. For Cassadee, born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Voice wasn’t her first time performing on a stage in front of thousands of people.

Previously, she was in the pop-rock band, Hey Monday, that not only released an album, but also toured with bands Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Yellowcard. While the band is on hiatus, Cassadee decided it was time to strike out on her own. The best way to do it seemed like an appearance on The Voice. Boy, was she right.

Throughout the night, she gave a few excellent performances. After performing with various pop punk bands while in her previous band, Cassadee had no problem holding her own with The Killers. When she performed with some of the other contestants from this season, she truly shined. Take a look…

While the crowning of The Voice‘s new winner is the biggest news of the night, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention some of the other awesome performances.

Terry McDermott, Cassadee and Kelly Clarkson performed “Catch My Breath” beautifully last night. Meanwhile, Bruno Mars showed up to promote his new album with “When I Was Your Man.” However, of all the guest performances, Rihanna’s shined the brightest.

Congrats, Cassadee, and enjoy celebrating! (“Ain’t no party like a wolverine party,” right?)

Image courtesy of NBC

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