John Krasinski on double-dating & karaoke with Matt Damon

Dec 28, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Promised Land co-stars and co-writers John Krasinski and Matt Damon have more in common than just movies. See what Krasinski told us about their harmonious double dates.

John-KrasinskiJohn Krasinski and Matt Damon have a lot in common: gorgeous wives, great hair (at least Damon did pre-buzz cut) and a knack for comedy. So it’s not surprising that when John’s wife Emily Blunt introduced her hubby to Damon, the two hit it off immediately.

“[Emily] did the movie called The Adjustment Bureau with Matt, and we became friendly there,” John told SheKnows recently. “We did a bunch of double dating, and it was on one of those double dates that he told me he wanted to direct, and asked if I was working on anything that he would like. I said yeah, and told him about this movie.”

Though Damon ended up passing the director’s torch to Gus Van Sant, he did end up co-writing and co-starring in Promised Land with his new bud Krasinski. On the day we sat down with John to talk about their film, it was clear that John, Emily, Matt and his wife Luciana have become quite the foursome.

Mid-interview, Blunt surprised John at his press day at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, and even dragged him into Damon’s interview room for a quick reunion where laughing and shrieking could be heard by all the reporters waiting outside. We’re guessing another double date was being planned, and perhaps reminiscing over past enchanting evenings.

“She just got back from shooting and is home for a few days,” said John of Emily’s surprise visit.


So what do two power couples do when they go out for a big night on the town?

“We go to karaoke a lot,” said John.  “We have a fun time, the four of us, when we go out. Weirdly, it always ends in karaoke. My go-to song is Enrique Iglesias' Hero. And Matt and I sing a duet of The Gambler often. Bet you didn’t know The Gambler was a duet, but it can be when you got Damon and Krasinski.”

Matt Damon and wife Luciana with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

While their on-screen chemistry in Promised Land was great, that’s a show we’d pay good money to see.

“I love singing,” Krasinski told us. “I am terrible, but I love it.”

In the film, Krasinski gives an epic Bruce Springsteen performance while portraying an environmentalist intent on destroying Damon, a corporate natural-gas salesman.

While the two do have a funny repertoire on and off-screen, their movie has a serious message.

“I had the idea to tell a story about American identity,” John told us. “My dad grew up in a small steel-mill town that had fallen on hard times. But they had a strong sense of identity and community. That sense of the country is something we’ve moved so far away from. I wanted to tell a story to bring us back to that ideal.”

Be sure to catch John Krasinski and Matt Damon in Promised Land, in theaters today… and possibly also singing The Gambler at your local karaoke joint!

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