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Red… um, blue-hot trailer: The Smurfs 2

Our favorite blue friends are back with a larger-than-life adventure for the whole family. But will going naughty put the fate of all Smurfs in danger? Check out the brand-new trailer below!

The evil wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) will stop at nothing to capture the Smurfs once and for all. This time he’s cooked up a whole new recipe to lure them over and as with all evil plans, it starts with being naughty.

Leave it to a kooky sorcerer to come up with a less-than-creative name for his goofy batch of minions. They’re “The Naughties” and you guessed it, they’re on a mission to turn our little blue friends over to the naughty side of things. They’re big trouble wrapped in a small package, from the look of things.

As the trailer implies, Gargamel begins by targeting Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry). He believes that he can sway her and get the whole Smurf gang to follow suit.

When Smurfette’s kidnapped, it’s up to her family and the help of her human friends, like Neil Patrick Harris, to band together and save her from the clutches of Gargamel.

The Smurfs 2 is set to hit theaters July 31, 2013 and if it’s anything like its predecessor, it’ll be safe for all your Smurfs at home!

The film also features vibrant voices from Fred Armisen, George Lopez, Alan Cumming and more!

Photo credit: Sony Pictures

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