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Embarassing mom moments: The Guilt Trip exclusive

Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen are on the mother of all road trips. Check out this hilarious exclusive clip from the The Guilt Trip to see what’s in store!

Chemistry is an understatement. Babs and Rogen have got us convinced they’ve lived together for years, dancing to the fine tune of motherly love and all it entails — namely, some snacks for the road.

The two are hitting the highway for a cross-country adventure in the The Guilt Trip, rolling into theaters everywhere tomorrow. The movie is a hilarious exploration into the mother-son relationship and the struggles of a young man desperately trying to gently outgrow the eternal hand of a helicopter mom.

Rogen’s on a mission to make a name for himself but when Babs catches wind of his upcoming business endeavors, she can’t resist squeezing her way into the agenda — and the passenger seat. Like any good son, Rogen doesn’t have the heart to leave her out of the equation, though he constantly finds himself shaking his head at all the embarrassing moments that follow.

From parking lot mishaps to board room blunders, this hysterical duo keeps it real throughout the whole film.

His mom may be a cook, but Rogen loves her all the more for her everlasting support and comedic relief. Yeah, she may be getting into the wrong car from time to time, but that doesn’t change the fact she’s his biggest fan and when he loses the drive on his big dreams, he’s thankful to have her there to kick him back into gear.

Bab’s lil’ boy is becoming a man and we’re happy to watch it all unfold.

Keep the laughter rolling and check out The Guilt Trip, in theaters Dec. 19!

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

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