Hilary Duff's Christmas with baby No. 1 (and only)

Dec 18, 2012 at 10:35 a.m. ET

It's Mama's first Christmas for Hilary Duff. Has it made her think about having more kids?

Hilary Duff with Luca, preparing for Christmas

Like most new moms, Hilary Duff spends most of her day chasing her son, Luca Cruz, around the house.

"He's so fast!" She told Access Hollywood Live, echoing the thoughts of the billions of moms before her.

He may be fast and into everything, but she and hubby, Mike Comrie, still adore him.

"We're like, 'He's perfect. We should just be one and done," she said.

But then she admitted knowing that as Luca gets older and more independent, she'll no doubt miss having a baby around. "Maybe when [Luca's] two or three?"

As for now, they're happy spending Christmas as a threesome... plus Mike's family... and the dogs.

The couple and Luca will spend Christmas in Newport Beach, California, with Comrie's entire family.

"It's nine kids going crazy, basically wrapping paper flying in the air, toys everywhere and mayhem," she said. Always the upbeat celeb, she added, "We're really looking forward to that — We get to bring a baby this year! — so it's really exciting."

Hilary also told Access Hollywood that Luca is obsessed with the Christmas tree. So much so, in fact, that they've only decorated the top half to keep all the pretty, shiny things from their 9-month-old son's reach. Hopefully, the Comrie's Newport Christmas tree will be decorated similarly.

What other adjustments have Duff and Comrie made to welcome Luca into their home? For one thing: The dogs don't get to sleep with them anymore. They kicked the dogs out of bed before Luca was born so that they wouldn't blame the baby for the new separation from their owners.

Duff had another great idea to help the dogs love Luca, too.

"We gave them a blanket... that Luca's smell had been on in the hospital," she explained. It seems to have worked, too. "They've been fine with him."

While the if and when of a second child are still up in the air for Duff and Comrie, they definitely seem to have parenting under control. We hope they have a merry Christmas full of smiles and with no broken ornaments!

Image courtesy of WENN.com