Director Anne Fletcher calls The Guilt Trip her “love letter to moms”

Dec 19, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. ET

It’s the ultimate mommy-date movie of the season: The Guilt Trip. Director Anne Fletcher tells us (and shows us) where she got her hilarious ideas for Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen’s mother-son duo.

Guilt Trip poster

The Guilt Trip director Anne Fletcher really loves her mom. So much so that she brought her mom along for our recent interview about her new mommy dramedy.

"She loved the movie," Anne told SheKnows as she looked over at her mother who had flown in from Detroit to support her daughter. "I see it as a love letter to moms in a sense, because they are crazy, and wild and out of their minds. But at the end of the day, they’re your mom. They’re just crazy but they mean well."


Fletcher drew ideas for her characters Andy (Seth Rogen) and his mom Joyce (Barbra Streisand) from experiences with her own mom.

“It’s based on the relationship with my mother," said Fletcher. The story follows Joyce and Andy as they embark on a road trip to sell a new product he has developed. Along the way she repeatedly nags her son and gives him unsolicited advice. Despite Joyce ultimately being right, the bickering produces several funny — and also emotional — scenes between the two.

"[Joyce] has so many suggestions that no one has asked for, which I think most mothers do, and they’re mostly right," said Fletcher. "It’s a mom thing."

And Barbra and Seth made a very convincing mother and son, probably because Barbra was motherly toward Seth off-camera as well!

"It was an instinct thing," said Fletcher. "Their chemistry was instantaneous. I think Barbra is maternal to anyone. And Seth is such a sweet, and kind and generous person, that you just can’t help it. Barbra just can’t help being mom on and off camera."

Catch Anne Fletcher’s "love letter" this holiday season with your own mom, in theaters today!

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