RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: Vanity Fare by Megan Caldwell

Vanity Fare looks to be the perfect novel to curl up with on a cold night. After all, with a tagline as appealing as “A novel of lattes, literature, and love,” how could it not be our Red Hot Book of the Week?

VAnity Fair cover

Megan Caldwell’s new novel Vanity Fare: A novel of Lattes, Literature, and Love promises to be the perfect mix of effortless fun, romance, inspiration, and delicious pastries. It’s a great read for this time of year when we’re all enjoying family and the holidays, yet need something easy to read and uplifting.

Women’s fiction is a great choice for when you want to laugh and cry with characters you end up falling in love with; at the end, you’ll be refreshed and feel like you’re ready to take on the world. Vanity Fare looks like it will be a great choice to read while curled up in your favorite chair by the fireplace on a cold night.

Vanity Fare

Molly Hagan hasn’t had the best luck recently. Her husband has left her and their 6-year-old son for, of course, the blondest of blond women, and Molly isn’t sure what to do. Her son is acting out because he no longer believes that a kiss from his mother can cure all ills; after all, she can’t find a way out of their current predicament to save their lives. She has an expensive apartment in Brooklyn; the thought of not being able to pay the rent is humiliating and enough to keep Molly up at night.

Enter Molly’s old friend and current life saver, who offers Molly a much-needed job. The position? Freelance copywriting for a brand new bakery. It’s not glamorous, but it’s enough for Molly to get by. And that’s all she’s doing — getting by, living one day at a time. Romance? Ha! That’s the last thing on Molly’s mind right now.

That is, until Molly meets the incredibly sexy (and British! Oh, that accent!) pastry chef at the bakery. All of a sudden, Molly is juggling the thought of a budding romance with the demands of single motherhood and her brand-new job that she desperately needs. Throw in a shady business partner who could stand in the way of Molly achieving her dreams and finding true happiness. What you have is the recipe for a delightful, delicious novel full of dreams and the comforts of home.

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