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Jack Reacher premiere postponed because of shooting

With the country mourning over the tragedy in Connecticut, Hollywood has decided to put things on hold.

Tom Cruise

The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday also affected many in Hollywood, and there were many events and TV shows that were canceled or postponed. Tom Cruise’s new film Jack Reacher was supposed to premiere in Pittsburgh Saturday, but that premiere was canceled because of the shooting.

“The premiere of Jack Reacher, a new action film starring Tom Cruise, has been rescheduled and several networks have pulled episodes of shows in the wake of Friday’s shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which left 28 people dead, including 20 young children,” according to BlackBook magazine.

Cruise’s new movie is about a sniper assassin who is hired to murder. Paramount released a statement on the decision.

“Due to the terrible tragedy… and out of honor and respect for the families of the victims whose lives were senselessly taken, we are postponing tomorrow’s Pittsburgh premiere of Jack Reacher,” said Paramount. “Our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones.”

The film wasn’t the only thing affected by the shootings though. SyFy pulled an episode of Haven, “which depicted ficticious school violence,” said BlackBook.

“Tonight’s scheduled 10 p.m. episode of Haven contained scenes of fictitious violence in a high school,” SyFy said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. “In light of today’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, we have decided not to air it. At this time, no decision has been made as to when the episode will air.”

Seth MacFarlane shows Family Guy and American Dad will be airing reruns on Sunday because of the content of the episodes scheduled to air on Sunday.

“It is understood that the network decided not to air the episodes, titled ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph!’ and ‘Minstrel Krampus,’ to avoid running potentially sensitive content,” said Entertainment Weekly. “The episodes of Family Guy and American Dad will be replaced by repeats of ‘Grumpy Old Man’ and ‘Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key,’ respectively.”

Other events and shows have also been canceled or are still in the process of canceling future episodes.

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