A very Chicago Fire Christmas

Dec 19, 2012 at 1:24 a.m. ET

Chicago Fire is always pretty steamy. But this week it gets downright hot!

Chicago Fire Jesse Spencer

Did you know that winter is one of the worst times for house fires? It's true. Between space heaters, heated mattress pads and blankets, fireplaces, people who use their oven as a heater and the use of old, frayed-wired Christmas lights, the holiday season is usual a fiery one.

It's no different in Chicago, either. If anything, it's worse. Lake-effect snow can keep the Windy City f-f-f-freezing!

Luckily, when you're watching Chicago Fire, the last thing you'll feel is the cold. Wednesday's episode will be no different, even for the Christmas episode.

When a nasty Christmas-related fire runs rampant through a home, the guys of Chicago Firehouse 51 must charge in to the rescue. But, boy, does that come back to haunt them. Later in the episode, Casey and his crew will be accused of looting the scene. Because nothing says Christmas like, "Here, little Timmy! I stole this melted Tickle Me Elmo from yesterday's fire!"

How will the gang get themselves out of this mess? No telling.

Chicago Fire Taylor Kinney

Further complications and situations arise during the holidays with Firehouse 51, as well. Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson have a quasi-dinner date over a possibly home-cooked meal and NBC says they may even kiss! Then, while Severide (Taylor Kinney) might be getting some lovin' from one of his favorite ladies, another will finally have enough. It looks like Shay found Severide's stash. Uh-oh!

We'll still see plenty of Christmas cheer and tradition throughout the episode, though, no worries. And just in case that isn't enough, we found this adorable interview with Jesse Spencer on what Christmas is like back home in Australia. (Okay, it might not be that related, but... It's Jesse Spencer using his native accent!)

Image courtesy of NBC